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At Need

At Need service is when a loved one has passed away and it is currently necessary to make proper arrangements.

Advance planning

Pre-Arranged Funerals are rapidly becoming more and more common. Changing lifestyles and economic patterns have made all of us more responsive to the values inherent in planning and these attitudes, not unexpectedly, are carrying over into funeral service planning as well.

While pre-arranging a funeral, particularly one's own, is often a sobering and discomforting experience, it is not without benefit to the man or woman who is enough of a realist to accept the responsibility and see it through. Funeral pre-arranging relieves the surviving family of the responsibility of planning a funeral at a time when their sorrow makes them least responsive to the task. Funeral pre-arranging also assures that one's personal choice for the kinds of service and burial, selection of funeral director and general funeral expense will be observed.

There are three steps, which follow in natural sequence, to be considered in the pre-arrangement of a funeral. They are pre-planning, pre-arranging, and pre-financing.

Pre-planning a funeral may be handled by the person solely on his own, or if the pre-arranger has family or relatives, he may discuss the details and requirements with those who are intimately involved. Considerations such as the funeral director to be used, religious services preferred, and burrial arrangements must be decided upon.

Pre-arranging the details with a funeral director is the step which usually follows pre-planning. Pre-arranging merely takes pre-planned details and makes them known to a party who may carry them out at the time of death. With the help of a funeral director, all the elements involved can be taken into consideration. Items such as casket, flowers, cemetery, and funeral service costs and any other fixed or optional costs can be discussed at this time. Once these details are firm, written statement is drafted which formally covers the arrangements.

Pre-financing a funeral is the final, but elective step in the pre-arrangement process. Pre-payment of monies also involves the drafting of a contract for the individual's and the funeral director's protection, which specifies funeral and burial arrangements and their costs.


We offer immediate cremation, in addition to traditional funerals with cremation.

Monuments and Headstones

We offer a wide variety of monuments to cater to everyone's needs. We offer traditional and custom design, specialized personalization, and patriotic and religious etchings

Online Memorial Tributes

Personalized tributes can be designed to express and share the life of those who have left us.



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